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1. How do I place an order with Phillip Jeffries? (Click to Expand)

  1. Via the Phillip Jeffries website- please log in using your customer account
  2. Email your order to our World Class Customer Service Department:
  3. Fax your order to our World Class Customer Service Department: 973-575-5123

2. How do I set up a customer account with Phillip Jeffries? (Click to Expand)

  1. If you do not currently have an account with our company and are in the trade, please fill out our New Customer Account Form and submit this along with a copy of your Resale Certificate to
  2. If you currently have an account and would like to set up a login for our website please follow these instructions.

3. How do I place samples with Phillip Jeffries? (Click to Expand)

  1. To place a sample request via our website please log into your account and click on the "Order Samples" tab
    1. Non- account holders may log in as a Guest and request up to 3 samples
  2. You may also call our World Class Customer Service Department to request your samples to be processed. Please have you item numbers and account number ready when calling for speedy service.

4. I am not a Designer- how can I purchase your products? (Click to Expand)

  1. Phillip Jeffries is open directly to customer in the trade only. For help finding a local designer or retailer please call our main office for assistance.

5. How do I reach Phillip Jeffries via email? (Click to Expand)

  1. To place a residential purchase order please email
  2. To place a commercial purchase order please email
  3. To place an international purchase order please email
  4. For general customer service and questions please email
  5. For web support please email

6. What is your Return Policy? (Click to Expand)

  1. Please order accurately as all sales are final and Phillip Jeffries will not accept returns for overage. Upon receipt of material, carefully inspect all bolts before cutting and hanging. Confirm that you’ve received the correct color, item and quantity. Should you be dissatisfied with the quality of your goods, please contact Phillip Jeffries immediately at 800-576-5455.
  2. Upon installation, STOP and INSPECT after 3 strips have been hung as no claims are allowed after more the 3 strips have been cut and hung.
  3. Any and all claims must be reported within 30 days of receipt of material
  5. Please call Customer Service should you have any other questions.

7. How long will it take to receive my goods? (Click to Expand)

  1. Once material is ready to ship Phillip Jeffries generally will ship material via UPS. Please that a look at our shipping map (Coming Soon!) to determine length of time for goods to reach your doorstep from our warehouse.
  2. Please note that generally when shipping material to an island or any other remote locations, one extra day should be added to the ETA.

8. Id like to have Tax added to my order. Is this possible? (Click to Expand)

  1. Please note that our company is only authorized to collect state sales tax in New Jersey, New York, and Florida. Should your order be shipping to one of these states, please advise Customer Service if you would like tax to be added to your order.